Sphelm To Release Debut Album ‘These Roots Know No Boundaries’


Bad Elephant Music are excited to announce that pre-orders for Sphelm’s debut album ‘These Roots Know No Boundaries’, released on 21st October worldwide, are now open.

Initially a solo project from Mike McKnight (ex-Cyril Snear) as a creative outlet to explore a different side of his musical personality, with guitarist and keyboard player Tim Powell joining after initial shows, Sphelm have been quietly building a following across the North West of England while working on this release.

The band describe themselves as “electronic/twin guitar crossover, laden with soundscapes, beautiful guitar and vocal harmonies, set within digital space”, and like so much great music they totally defy easy categorization. It’s not prog, it’s not indie, it’s not rock, it’s not Intelligent Dance Music, it’s Sphelm.

“We’ve put our heart and soul into this new record”, says Mike, “and we’re so happy to be working with a label that wants to see us grow, evolve, that looks after it’s artists. We’re good mates with Nick Duke from Trojan Horse, and we figured that any label that will work with him will at least give us a listen!”


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